Maternal cell contamination studies1

Test #:


Turnaround Time:

5-8 days

Specimen Requirements:

Specimens should be shipped at room temperature in a leak-proof, rigid container with overnight delivery. To discuss minimum acceptable specimens for sample types not listed, please contact Allele Diagnostics.

For maternal sample:

  • Peripheral blood: 3-5 mL EDTA
  • iSWAB™ - DNA Collection Kit (4 swabs) Order a kit
  • DNA2: 2 μg

For fetal sample:

  • Prenatal specimen or cord blood: See requirements for additional testing that is ordered
CPT Codes:

81265 x1

Ordering Requirements:
Clinical Utility:
  • Rule out presence of maternal cell contamination within a fetal specimen.
Test Description:

Maternal cell contamination (MCC) studies.

The potential presence of maternal cells within a prenatal specimen (amniotic fluid, CVS, cord blood, products of conception) causes risk for interpreting DNA based test results inaccurately. To have complete confidence that the test results are indicative of the fetal DNA, the maternal blood genotype is compared to the fetal genotype, derived from amniocytes, chorionic villi, cord blood, or products of conception. This assay assesses at least 13 chromosomal markers utilizing a PCR-based assay. This study detects and quantifies the presence of maternal DNA within the prenatal sample.

  1. This test may be performed at a partner lab of Allele Diagnostics.

  2. Allele Diagnostics accepts DNA samples prepared by other CLIA-certified laboratories for DNA-based testing. To provide clinicians with optimal results, we recommend using the Qiagen Gentra Puregene extraction kit. If upon receipt the DNA is found to be suboptimal, our staff will contact the clinician to discuss testing options.