Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Allele Diagnostics?

Submitting Specimens

How do I order a test?
What are your sample requirements?
Do you require maternal cell contamination studies for microarray testing?
What are your minimum specimen requirements for newborns?
What are your minimum specimen requirements for prenatal specimens?
Is there a difference between submitting a buccal swab and a peripheral blood sample?
Does Allele Diagnostics require consent forms?
If additional testing is needed for my patient do I need to submit a new sample?
What about parental testing?
Do you accept samples on Saturdays?
After testing is completed, can I request that DNA be shipped from Allele Diagnostics to another laboratory?


What is the 5-cell karyotype + array bundle, and why would I want to order it?
In the prenatal setting, what is the difference between the high resolution rapid microarray (test #110) and the targeted rapid microarray with backbone (test #111)? When would I order each?
I need a rapid result on a neonate. Can I order aneuploidy FISH?
My patient had a karyotype and Fragile X testing already. Why should I order an array instead of exome sequencing?
Is your microarray FDA approved?
What information do SNPs provide?
What if I have questions about the test results?