About Allele Diagnostics

Allele Diagnostics, Inc., located in Spokane, WA, was established in 2014 to offer superior genetic testing services. We feel that high-quality testing, reporting, and services can be offered to you with quick results. We pride ourselves in being a laboratory that offers the genetic counseling services clinicians need in a genetic testing company. We combine this service with reliable, fast, accurate test results provided to you via user-friendly and conveniently accessible reports.

At Allele Diagnostics, we are passionate about providing reliable answers as quickly and accurately as possible. We continuously strive to improve the efficiency of our workflow and improve the quality of our test results. We encourage feedback from our clients on how we can improve or assist in bringing your ideas into a clinical testing environment. Utilizing our extensive experience in genetic testing, we can work with you to develop solutions to the challenges you have previously experienced in receiving fast, accurate results. Additionally, we are always looking for new and better ways to provide answers to genetic questions and are continuously evaluating novel technologies to see how they can fit into our laboratory given the rapidly evolving clinical genetic testing space.

Spokane Falls

Photo courtesy of Craig Goodwin Photography