How to Order a Test

  1. Identify desired testing

    Choose the tests applicable for your patient from our extensive menu of testing services. Our genetic counselors are available to discuss which tests are most appropriate.

  2. Request collection kit, if needed

    Specimen collection kits are available for buccal swab specimens at this time. Specimens may be sent in packaging other than our collection kits.

  3. Complete test order (online ordering system or paper requisition)

    Clients with established accounts can utilize our web-based ordering system to complete the test order and print a filled-out requisition form to accompany the sample. Alternatively, a standard paper requisition form may be completed to accompany the specimen.

  4. Collect specimen

    Specimens should be collected according to our sample requirements for each test. Specimens collected in a manner not fitting with our recommendations may yield suboptimal results, delay test results, or fail completely during the testing process. Each separate specimen should be labeled with patient name and birthdate.

  5. Ship to Allele Diagnostics

    A completed requisition form must accompany every sample. Specimens should be packaged safely to avoid spilling or breakage and should be shipped at room temperature overnight via FedEx. FedEx label must be marked for Saturday delivery if there is a chance the sample may arrive over the weekend. Allele Diagnostics receives packages according to FedEx’s delivery schedule.

    Ship to:
    • Allele Diagnostics
    • 120 N. Pine St., Ste 152
    • Spokane, WA 99202
    • 844-ALLELE2 (255-3532)
  6. Alert laboratory of incoming prenatal samples

    If you have ordered your testing using our secure web portal, consider us notified. However, if you have shipped a prenatal sample with a standard paper requisition form, please call us at 844-ALLELE2 (255-3532) to provide us with information about testing ordered, patient identifiers, and FedEx tracking number so we may track the arrival of the package and ensure that the specimen arrives appropriately. If you have an especially urgent or critical postnatal sample that you wish to alert us about, please do so; otherwise there is no need to alert us of every postnatal sample sent.