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Allele Diagnostics Now Offering Tech Only Services

Allele Diagnostics is pleased to announce that we are now offering Tech Only services for whole genome, high resolution microarray (CGH+SNP). This service allows you to reduce costs and increase efficiency in your laboratory. Allele Diagnostics performs the wet lab, delivering results to you in 2-4 business days. Your laboratory does the analysis, interpretation, and reporting. Our Tech Only Service provides flexibility for laboratory staffing and rapid turnaround time when you need it! Rapid results are available for both prenatal and postnatal testing with options for integration with multiple microarray analysis software platforms.

We continue to offer full service microarray for prenatal and postnatal diagnosis. Click here to see our full test menu.

For more information and to get started, email us at

Now performing rapid microarray on direct amniotic fluid

Allele Diagnostics has expanded our genetic testing service to include Rapid Microarray for direct amniotic fluid. We can deliver a microarray result from a direct amniotic fluid sample in 2-4 days.

We have moved!

As of October 24, 2016, our laboratory is in a new location. Our new address is 120 N. Pine St., Ste 152, Spokane, WA 99202.

Allele Diagnostics, Inc. announces the hire of Kim Wood, Director of Business Development

May 24, 2016: Allele Diagnostics, Inc. announced that Kim Wood has joined the company as the Director of Business Development. Kim has over seven years experience in strategic business development roles commercializing diagnostic products and services in the fields of pediatric, neonatal, and maternal-fetal health. Most recently, she spent several years with a clinical genetics organization leading their business development efforts across key markets. Kim’s expertise in identifying and implementing genetic testing solutions for hospitals and clinics has been exceptional and has demonstrated value for the clients she has supported.

Marcelo Morales, Co-Founder, President and CEO, said regarding this announcement “Allele was created with the vision of being a full-service genetic testing company, supporting physicians and genetic counselors globally. Having Kim join our team will enable us to continue to offer accurate and fast turnaround testing services, delivered by a highly competent and experienced laboratory team. We welcome Kim to our team as we continue to strive to be a partner of choice to hospitals and clinics for better patient care.”

Allele Diagnostics is a CAP accredited and CLIA approved clinical genetic testing and research laboratory based in Spokane, WA, and has built an expertise in the design and execution of novel and rapid genetic tests. Allele services laboratories, hospitals, and clinics globally.

Licenses and Certifications

As of April 2015, Allele Diagnostics is officially a CAP certified clinical laboratory. We are also licensed as an out of state laboratory for California, Florida, and Pennsylvania. We are currently pursuing other state licenses as well. Please continue checking this website or call us at 844-ALLELE2 (255-3532) to inquire about additional states in which we obtain licensure in the future.