Comprehensive Testing Support

Before submitting a specimen

Prior to testing, we can assist you with questions about our test offerings and/or with test ordering, using the method most convenient to you. Allele Diagnostics provides a secure online portal to order tests or communicate with our staff. We are also happy to assist you by email or phone at 844-ALLELE2 (255-3532). Genetic counselors on staff are available for consultation regarding testing. We believe that testing should match the specific needs of the patient, so our genetic counselors can help you identify the most appropriate testing options for your patients.

During testing

We encourage communication throughout the testing process, because we recognize that there’s a patient, anxious for answers, behind every sample. You may want to contact us during testing for a variety of reasons, which you may do either via the portal, email, or phone at 844-ALLELE2 (255-3532). We will also contact you with critical updates or to gather additional information needed for appropriate interpretation of results.

We believe that it's important for us to build a relationship with our clients so that we can understand your communication preferences, allowing the most efficient and unobtrusive method of communication for you and your practice. It's important to be aware that once testing has been ordered, we encourage the use of our secure online portal or telephone calls for communication with our laboratory to maintain optimum security of protected health information.

After reporting results

We make it easy to access reports as soon as they are available for review. Our secure online portal allows you to view test results quickly. We are also able to fax test results if desired.

In addition, some results are critical and urgent because of the nature of the testing, age of the patient, or other innate qualities of the test order. These results warrant special attention, so you will receive a personalized message notifying you at the completion of these results. We are also happy to take special requests for cases that require extra attention. In addition to notifying you of results, our genetic counselors are also available to discuss any follow-up questions you have about test results. While we do our best to anticipate questions that may arise for each patient, and address those through the report and report notification, we encourage you to contact us with any additional questions that may arise.