Parental testing (general)

Test #:


Turnaround Time:

2-10 days, depending on testing performed

Specimen Requirements:

Specimens should be shipped at room temperature in a leak-proof, rigid container with overnight delivery. To discuss sample types not listed, please contact Allele Diagnostics at or 844-ALLELE2 (255-3532).

  • Peripheral blood: 3-5 mL EDTA + 3-5 mL NaHep
CPT Codes:

Dependent upon specific testing performed.

Ordering Requirements:
Clinical Utility:
  • Testing parent of a proband with a known genetic abnormality to determine inheritance and/or recurrence risks for family.
Test Description:

Testing method will be determined based on abnormality identified in proband.

Parental testing may be performed using a variety of methods depending upon the specific abnormality identified in the proband, including FISH, karyotype, and microarray. At Allele Diagnostics, we provide follow-up parental testing recommendations in a proband's report. These recommendations are based upon the specific abnormality in the proband and the test method that will be most useful for parental testing. Ordering the "Parental testing (general)" test code implies that the clinician has reviewed the proband's report and has chosen to pursue testing as recommended by Allele Diagnostics. Upon receipt of an order for this test, Allele Diagnostics will follow previously reported recommendations for parental testing, as ordered by the clinician, and will contact the clinician/client if there are any questions about testing desired.